On the 8th of June 2024 the puppies of Airi & Rowan were born in Switzerland 🇨🇭
Two large females of 380 & 400gr, Lapin Lumia ‘Stella’ Felis and Lapin Lumia ‘Stella’ Nova.
We now know better than anyone else, that you can’t plan everything in life. We wanted a new buddy for a long time and preferably an offspring of Rowan/Bosco. We haven’t had much luck with that so far, so yes…
If Mother Nature gives us females, we will go for a girl 🤗 The timing is so good now and she is soooo wanted 🙏
She will be called ‘Nova’, which means our a new star 🌟 In a few weeks I will visit Suzanne Wittek-Kubli and the pinsesses and in September we will pick her up and have a holiday in Switzerland ⛰️😅 … and till then we countdown …
We are blessed to recieve some photos and videos from the breeder Suzanne regularly! We are so thankful!

Name: Lapin Lumia ‘Stella’ Nova
Father: Simba
Mother: Lapin Lumia Airi Pukkapilvi



First two weeks (8 – 22 June 2024):

Week 3 + 4 (23 June – 6 Juli 2024):